Whitby Taekwondo Academy prides itself on being a family oriented facility with programs developed by leading experts in martial arts. 

First Opened in the home of our Head Instructor and WTKDA founder Mr. Lemoire. He turned a small 500 Square foot area into a training area and recruited his first student, from there the word was spreading of this home dojang and more members started to join.
After just a few short months we needed to expand and the search began for a suitable area which eventually lead him to a 1350 square foot facility, after much renovations the new facility was ready for opening in September of 2007, quickly our student base grew and our academy was building its reputation in the competition world and Taekwondo Community. By October 2011 we once again needed to expand and the search started again, as luck would have it a unit opened in the same plaza and the renovations started again in December of 2011 and was ready to open by January of 2012. Our new facility is 4050 square feet with a 2000 square foot training area, an amazing waiting area for parents and a proshop for equipment purchases.

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